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SHKP Club's "Most Heartfelt Home Moments" Competition brings families together with sincere love

SHKP Club echoes its annual theme of Loving Home Faithfully to organise the territory-wide "Most Heartfelt Home Moments" Competition this year, encouraging members and the public to share their touching and heartfelt stories of frank communication and sincere interaction with loved ones in family life. The event gained an overwhelming response and was supported by participants of all ages. A total of more than 11,000 outstanding works of diverse genres were received, showing various ways to build an earnest and joyful family life with faithful care and love for family members in the forms of essays, poems, drawings and photos. We held a special prize presentation ceremony to thank everyone for their support and offer encouragement to the winners, exchanging experiences in enhancing family relationships and promoting the Loving Home spirit.

Below are the champion entries in each category:

Member Category: "Dad's wildcard" by Wong Chun-ying

Frustrated by hardships, Chun-ying received hugs and support from her father, along with a wildcard that could be redeemed for "one-time help" for anything she needed. After giving Chun-ying the card, her dad was also by her side to deal with the problem. Through encouraging words and actions, he helped Chun-ying build her confidence, courage, and positive values to overcome difficulties, allowing his daughter to solve her problems by herself with his fatherly love and care, further promoting her personal growth and development.

Loving Home Spirit: Parents' sincere companionship and love help their children to thrive

Open Category – Senior: "An amazing grandfather" by Wong Chun-ting

Chun-ting shared the story of his grandfather teaching him English with a Cantonese phonetic transcript: When Grandfather accompanied young Chun-ting learning English vocabulary, he always used an electronic dictionary to look up the pronunciation and meanings beforehand, then recorded the Chinese pronunciation and related explanation. As such, he could then guide Chun-ting to learn English and spell words in a simple and interesting way, such as using the Chinese characters "Tai Ga" and "Chik Ken" to represent the English words "tiger" and "chicken". His grandfather's yellowed notebook filled with his loving handwriting touches Chun-ting's heart.

Loving Home Spirit: Sincerely caring about family passes the love on from generation to generation

Open Category - Intermediate: "The long-lost soup" by Bella Yuen

Bella suffered a relapse with asthma, and her grandmother made crocodile soup for three consecutive days to help relieve her symptoms. At first, Bella reluctantly endured the medical tasting soup that she found hard to swallow but she eventually blurted out that she didn't want the soup and deeply hurt her grandmother's feelings. Bella no longer saw the soup on the table after that. Fortunately, Bella came to realize that the soup was a symbol of her grandmother's care and concern and summoned the courage to sincerely apologise to her grandmother. Her grandmother also expressed her remorse for not fully understanding her granddaughter's true preferences and needs. After sincere communication with each other, the long-lost soup finally reappeared, and Bella and her grandmother came to enjoy a deeper relationship with each other.

Loving Home Spirit: Be honest and faithful with your loved ones, put yourself in others' shoes, and create a better home with more love

Open Category - Junior: "My mom always protects me from the wind and rain" by Karis Chan

Karis depicted how her mother selflessly protected her from the rain with an umbrella in a painting. Despite being drenched herself, her mother reassured Karis that there was nothing to worry about. Karis is young, but she recognises and appreciates the unwavering care and affection her mother shows her. "Mommy, I love you. When I grow up, I will definitely take care of you!" "I love you too, I hope you grow up healthy and happy!" This sincere and touching interaction between mother and daughter is warm and heartfelt.

Loving Home Spirit: Take care of your family, devote sincerely and selflessly

Winners' comments

"This year, I participated in the competition for the fourth time, wanting to set an example for my children. Though I have not won a prize in the past, I will continue to take part in the competition with a spirit of persistence. I hope to participate with my children in the future and pass on the love. I believe that in daily life, a family can create moving moments and enhance family relationships by cooking for each other."
Chan Suet-hung, first runner-up of the Member Category

"I really appreciate the idea behind the competition of promoting family harmony. I was touched to see other winners share their heartfelt stories. As long as you always appreciate your loved ones' dedication to the family, you can discover sincere and touching Loving Home stories at any time!"
Liu Ming-fai, second runner-up of the Member Category

"I joined the Loving Home competition for the first time this year, and I felt it was very meaningful. The experience enabled me to reflect on and refine my relationship with my family, deepening my family feelings. I will encourage friends around me to participate, revealing the Loving Home Spirit while enjoying the joy of writing."
Bella Yuen, Champion of the Open Category - Intermediate

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Karis Chan, Champion of the Open Category – Junior, shared her award-winning thoughts on stage, the touching story of her mother shielding her from the wind and rain, and the secret of faithfully loving home
The prize presentation ceremony digitally displayed the winning works and the list of winners for the first time, and many attendees stopped to enjoy the works and snap photos to remember the day
Liu Ming-fai, Second runner up of the Member Category, brought his family to the ceremony to share in the joy of winning, which was of special significance